OpenEyes™ is the leading open source electronic patient record (EPR) for ophthalmology. It has been designed by clinicians to be fast in delivering content, fast to navigate and easy (and fun) to use. We benefit from a large and growing body of enthusiastic clinicians determined to make OpenEyes™ the EPR that will help you deliver data-driven patient care in the best way possible. OpenEyes™ is owned by the community and not by any individual or corporate entity. It can be customised to suit local needs and will scale to connect, seamlessly, primary and secondary eye care.

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OpenEyes™ the leading open source EPR for Ophthalmology

OpenEyes™ is an electronic patient record application for ophthalmology, developed with contributions from a range of hospitals, institutions, academic departments, companies and individuals. Intuitive to use and fast, it runs in a web browser to ensure that it can be accessed from just about any device in any location. OpenEyes™ will always be available free-of-charge under an open source license, making it a cost-effective option for eye care, and, perhaps more importantly, ensuring that its development will always prioritise what clincians really need.

While OpenEyes™ can be downloaded and used free of charge anywhere in the world, we recommend that installations in a clinical environment are handled through our authorised professional services network. One of our professional services partners ToukanLabs, can provide advice and pricing on accredited implementation and support services.

Our partners will ensure that your clinical data integrates with hospital workflows and PAS system and that the connections to devices such as OCT machines or visual field devices are robust.

All users of OpenEyes™ can become members of our development community, participating in online and offline discussions to identify and prioritise the OpenEyes™ development roadmap. To learn more about membership, please call 0300 030 1973 or email us at and for a more detailed look at OpenEyes™, click the button below.

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OpenEyes™ is managed by the Apperta Foundation which protects the intellectual property of OpenEyes™ and ensures that its availability is guaranteed, without compromise for the clinical community. The Apperta Foundation is the custodian of OpenEyes:

  • Supporting and growing the OpenEyes™ community
  • Prioritise and commission OpenEyes™ development
  • As copyright and IP owner, publishing the source code
  • Growing the accredited professional services partner network
  • Assuring OpenEyes™ for DCB0129 compliance

Continuing this development as a not for profit body is an essential part of our collaborative, public service ethos. OpenEyes™ cannot, in itself, be sold to a third party ensuring that users have security and can influence development. The OpenEyes™ community manage the design and development of future versions of OpenEyes™ in response to feedback.

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Who We Are

Apperta OpenEyes™ Committee

The Apperta OpenEyes™ Committee comprises clinicians, informaticians and IT experts who combine in-depth knowledge of clinical ophthalmology with a deep and detailed understanding of software who oversee OpenEyes™ development.

Mr Paul Cauchi

Consultant Ophthalmologist and Lead Clinician for Open Eyes in Scotland

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Mr Peter Coates

Managing Director
Apperta Foundation

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Mr David Haider

Consultant Ophthalmologist and CCIO
Bolton Foundation Trust

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Professor David Ingram

Emeritus Professor of Health Informatics
University College London

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James E Morgan MA DPhil FRCOphth

Professor of Ophthalmology
Cardiff University

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Nick Roberts

Chief Information Officer and Board Director, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Michelle Teo

Senior Registrar in Ophthalmology

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Peter Thomas

CCIO and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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Some of our OpenEyes™
Community Implementations

If you have downloaded and are using OpenEyes™, email us at with your organisation name, logo and version number and we will add your details here.

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