The Apperta Foundation has initiated a project which will enable customers who wish to adopt an OpenEyes/openEHR bimodal implementation.

The development consists of three parallel workstreams:

  • Clinical modelling of ophthalmology data, working in collaboration with freshEHR Ltd, we have created several early, first draft archetypes and a template to record a glaucoma patient pathway.
  • Software code enhancements to OpenEyes to enable the transformation of data between the OpenEyes clinical data repository (CDR) and an openEHR CDR.
  • The persistence and retrieval of the data in a number of vendors openEHR CDR’s, including the swapping of data between different vendor CDR’s.

Interested clinicians and informaticians are able to sign up to the Clinical Knowledge Manager to review this first template and assist to review others once they are created.

The archetypes and template can be found here

Interested parties are able to register on the Apperta UK CKM if they wish to add comments to the archetypes and templates. We would also expect to run formal clinical reviews of the archetypes, leading to international, open-source publication.